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First Line: My husband is a good, hardworking man
Last Line: "and john's come in. ""yes, I'll have supper soon!"
Subject(s): Family Life; Freedom; Love - Marital; Marriage; Relatives; Liberty; Wedded Love; Marriage - Love; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

My husband is a good, hardworking man—
Simple and plain, and kind of gentle, too.
He gets me all the luxuries he can
Though even then, of course, they're pretty few;
It isn't that he's close, he does his best,
But farming doesn't often bring you wealth.
We neither of us get much time for rest,
I guess it's lucky that we have our health.

I know all that, and try to be content,
Doing my duty as a true wife should,
Working and planning, pinching every cent,
Raising our children to be brave and good;
But now and then I dream of breaking free,
Getting away—away from everything,
The farm, the house, the daily drudgery
—Just once to laugh and play and have my fling!

My feet are much too clumsy for a dance,
My hands with work are out of shape and red,
My youth was gone before I had a chance
To frolic, and my beauty all is fled.
Togged out in silks and laces I would seem
Only an awkward sight to raise a smile,
Yet of such fripperies I dream and dream—
Lord, just to revel in them for awhile!

Oh, just for once to be where lights are bright,
Where life is swift and free as flying chaff,
To sate my hungry longing for delight;
What would I care though all the world should laugh?
I touch my calico and dream it's silk.
The heart inside me dances to a tune—
Goodness, the calves are bawling for their milk,
And John's come in. "Yes, I'll have supper soon!"

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