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THE METHOD OF THE MAD MULLAH, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: There was a mad mullah whose name was abdulla
Last Line: At even his worst ever was!
Subject(s): Temperance; Prohibition

There was a Mad Mullah whose name was Abdulla
(Thus aiding these verses to rhyme).
No Mullah was madder, his temper grew badder,
Worse, worser and worst all the time!
But not every Mullah behaves like Abdulla,
And one day a Mullah came by,
A Humorous Mullah, who always could cull a
Gay laugh, as it were, on the fly!

"Ho! Ho! You Mad Mullah," he said to Abdulla,
"You scowl and you howl and you yell.
But what you are mad about, you, as you gad about,
Couldn't explicitly tell!
Say listen, Abdulla! I'll bet in your skull a
Dissector could not find a brain.
With anger you chatter when nothing's the matter,
Abdulla, you give me a pain!"

"Shut up!" said Abdulla. "You Humorous Mullah!
You're fearfully cramping my style.
A Very Mad Mullah can easily gull a
Large public with venom and bile.
For fear I'll get worser they toss me a purse or
My stomach with dinners they feed,
Whereas, were I smirking, they'd set me to working
And that would be madness indeed!"

"I see," said the Mullah. "You're subtle, Abdulla,
You've shown me a horse of a different colah.
Your goose would be cooked if you laughed.
So pull all your stages of rancorous rages,
I won't interfere with your graft!"

The Humorous Mullah then left Mad Abdulla
And hustled for home without pause.
Now he's a Mad Mullah, more mad than Abdulla
At even his worst ever was!

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