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THE MILKMAN, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: The milkman, so at least it's said
Last Line: I've never seen him!
Subject(s): Milk; Milkmen; Milkmaids

The milkman, so at least it's said,
Is truly an important person,
And therefore he's a man I'm led
To write this verse on.

It frequently has been averred
That he gets up 'ere dawn is pearly,
And is, beyond a doubt, a bird
Exceeding early!

In summer's heat, in winter's cold,
In weather fair, or seasons hateful,
He brings my milk and cream, I'm told.
Well, I am grateful.

They say he does the best he can
And that, no matter what the day be,
He brings the milk for woman, man,
And for the baby.

He does his duty, it's affirmed,
With application almost fervent,
And therefore should be duly termed
A faithful servant.

He loves his children and his wife,
(Or so I hear) I do not doubt it;
Therefore, to help him on in life
I'll write about it!

The milkman's character is fine
(I'm told), but dawn's dim shadows screen him.
Since I arise at half-past nine,
I've never seen him!

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