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First Line: Down on the pampas of argentina
Last Line: Of argentina, below the line!
Subject(s): Argentina

Down on the pampas of Argentina
The cattle still are a-roamin' free,
And since I'm wantin' a change of scene, a
Land like that is, sounds good to me.
For here the ranches is full of fences
And there ain't room for a trade like mine,
An' I'm going south, when I've saved expenses,
To Argentina, below the Line!

I'm goin' south to the Argentina
Where things is open and clear and wide,
Where they play guitars an' the mandolina
An' there is space for a guy to ride.
Where there ain't no milkin', an' there is ropin'
An' a cow-punch still has a chanct to shine
Over the great broad ranges lopin'
In Argentina, below the Line!

I got no dope on the wage they pay there
An' I won't savvy their talk at all,
But just the same I am on my way there
For this here country is gettin' small.
I wanta be where the long horns ramble
Where steers is steers an' not "lowin' kine,"
An' so I'm willin' to take a gamble
On Argentina, below the Line!

Gimme some space for a herd to turn in
Where there ain' no houses to block the sky.
I'm sick of towns, an' I sure am yearnin'
For an open range like the days gone by.
And mebbe down there on the "broad desmesne," a
Job is waitin' that suits me fine,
Out on the pampas of Argentina
Of Argentina, below the Line!

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