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First Line: Oh, little bride, do brush aside those
Last Line: If now and then he leaves you for his club!
Subject(s): Brides; Love - Marital; Wedded Love; Marriage - Love

Oh, Little Bride, do brush aside those tears that fall so clammily.
The woe you bear you do not bear alone.
I will aver that they occur in every new-wed family.
There isn't an exception that is known.
So weep no more; cease to deplore your husband's infidelity
And give your eyes a cheerful little rub;
Your home may house a loving spouse but—hear me as I tell it—he
Will want, at times, to leave you for his club.

The time arrives in married lives however madly amorous
When husbands turn to worldly things again.
When though the thrill of bliss is still a passion glad and glamorous,
They read the news at breakfast now and then.
So, Little Bride, do not decide his love has grown precarious,
Within his universe you're still the hub,
But, being male, he cannot fail to have a soul gregarious
And now and then he'll leave you for his club.

Seek not to bind his soul and mind with love too sweetly saccharine,
For such affection, soon or later, cloys;
He wants to share at times the air with scent of "strong terbacker" in
And play a game of Kelly with the boys.
So let him go, and calm your woe, and figure reassuringly
He needs a change, the unromantic dub.
The fact is this—that married bliss continues more enduringly
If now and then he leaves you for his club!

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