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WHERE NEXT?, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: I'm going on a journey -- oh, just a little journey
Last Line: Which, bye and bye, will take me pretty far!
Subject(s): Travel; Journeys; Trips

I'm going on a journey—oh, just a little journey;
I'll go until my money peters out;
And then I'll pause a little and try to earn a little,
—You need a bit of cash to roam about.
And when I have some money, I'll take another journey
(Just think of all the journeys that there are!)
I'll go a little further—oh, just a little further,
Which, bye and bye, will take me pretty far!

I know a lot of people who talk of going places
To China or Japan or Borneo
But one way or another, well, they never do get started
For they never have the money saved to go!
But me, I take a journey in the general direction
Of the place I'd like to get—no matter where.
Then, I go a little further, and I go a little further
And—bye and bye I find that I am there!

I take it kind of easy and I never try to hurry
For you've got to have the cash to travel fast;
So I sorta amble onward, meeting lots of pleasant people
And I get where I am going to at last.
Yes, I take my little journeys to a lot of different places
As I wander underneath my happy star,
And I go a little further—always just a little further
Which, bye and bye, will take me pretty far!

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