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First Line: Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of his face
Last Line: And praise thee for thy wondrous saving grace.
Subject(s): God; Grace

Sometimes I catch sweet glimpses of His Face,
But that is all.
Sometimes my heart its love to God can trace,
For those who fall.
But O! the many times I do not see,
The daily blessings that He show'rs on me.

Sometimes my heart with holy rapture thrills,
At His dear Name.
Sometimes my love to fellow-mortals burns
Full like a flame.
But O! the many times that love grows cold,
Causing Him pain and sorrow manifold.

Sometimes my soul with burning zeal is fired,
In His good work.
Sometimes it spurs me ever onward, when
I fain would shirk;
But O! the many times my heart does faint,
With sin and worldliness so oft attaint.

Lord, I would ever true and faithful be,
In heav'nly cause;
Keyed up with love and burning zeal, for Thee,
Without a pause.
I would not that my heart should ever fail,
Or faith and love grow ever dim or pale.

Then keep me ever, Lord, with gentle Hand,
So close to Thee;
So that when sin allures on ev'ry hand,
I shall not see.
Until the heav'nly mansions I shall reach,
My ransomed life Thy Gospel here would preach.

And then, sometime, when Thou shalt call me home,
To be with Thee,
My fettered soul shall O! so gladly come
To be set free.
Enraptured, I shall see Thee face to face,
And praise Thee for Thy wondrous saving grace.

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