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PEDDLER WOMAN, by            
First Line: Along the dusty road to farmer brown
Last Line: "and said, ""see I'm not dangerous at all!"
Subject(s): Peddlers & Peddling; Women

Along the dusty road to Farmer Brown,
I chanced to meet a dusty peddler dame
Who stopped at every farm to sell her wares
Almost worn out from handling. She saw me come
And I, a little scared, sped by so fast
She missed her chance of asking me to look
Among her things. "Oh, miss," I heard her shriek,
"I've something here to sell!" She frightened me
The more. I could not turn; my heart beat fast,
And when I came within the house she turned
And walked the path that I had walked. She knocked
And mother answered her with, "Come right in --
I'll see your things," and I looked on in wonder.
"A dime for this; five cents for this and that,"
The peddler woman mumbled while mother
Picked out some things. She left with a nod at me
And said, "See I'm not dangerous at all!"

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