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HAREBELLS, by            
First Line: Drooping from thread-like stem
Last Line: Or soundless requiems.
Subject(s): Flowers; Harebells

DROOPING from thread-like stem
Tremulous fairy bell
Swayed as faint breezes pass
Standing in meadow grass
There midget races dwell
With thrills infinitesimal
Enact life's joys daily,
Suffer life's tragedy.
Tiny star flowers
Adorn elfin bowers
Beetles in suits of green
Leisurely stroll about,
Jet ones in coats of mail
Stand like midget acrobats
Crafty spiders weave
Topaz-winged lady-bugs
Fly to homes far away.
From puppet leaning towers
Lizards with dreamy eyes and pygmy alligator mouths
Wait the incautious prey
Busy ants toil and haul
Grasshoppers fly like mimic aviators
To firmaments afar
Of gold dandelion stars
Painted butterflies flash
Their jewels ere they pass
In this mysterious realm, life, hidden, teems.
Peal drooping airy bells,
Ring noiseless joy-anthems
Or soundless requiems.

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