Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, THE DARK VISITOR, by ANNE MILLAY BREMER

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THE DARK VISITOR, by            
First Line: She waits for me at night
Last Line: Shamefaced, she slinks away.
Subject(s): Guests; Love Affairs; Night; Visiting; Bedtime

SHE waits for me at night,
And will not let me go
Alone to bed;
Clutches me tight,
And chokes my throat, her head
Heavy upon my chest.
By cunning, grim deceit,
She clasps me to her breast,
With lead weighs down my feet.
With her hot breath
She sears my face,
Sighing of ills, and death.

Dark wanton, false,
In truth of sunlit day;
Her perfidy exposed,
Shamefaced, she slinks away.

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