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THE FIRE WITHIN, by            
First Line: A snow - covered garden in pain
Last Line: Fades, -- but the I can never die.
Subject(s): Future Life; Soul; Winter; Retribution; Eternity; After Life

A snow-covered garden in pain,
Lonely and sad, so cold it moaned;
The sticks and stalks show plain
Where roses and stocks had bloomed.

Within the house was warmth and cheer;
The fire burnt bright; of wood no dearth;
Crackling, the backlog burns so clear,
No fear of cold around the hearth.

Out in the cold, my roses bare,
They were pink and yellow and red,
Planted twenty years ago, all fair
In June when she and I were wed.

The roses will bloom and fill their part
When the garden is a glowing sight.
Then is the time within my heart
The wood of love burns strong and bright.

The wood of love burns at its best
When quenched not by the snow or rain,
When fires of love within the breast
Are free from envy, doubt and pain.

There is a fire within my heart,
Like the fire on the hearth burning;
And every morn again I start
That fire with a spark of loving.

The fire that burns within my soul
Makes of all life eternal time.
The sun, the seed within the soil,
The consciousness that all is mine.

The soul within, without, doth light
The fire within and I am -- I --
The fire upon the hearth is bright;
Fades, -- but the I can never die.

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