Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, A CAROL: STANDARD OF THE CROSS, by HARRIET BREWER

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First Line: O'er the silent meadows
Last Line: "on earth, peace, good-will."
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

O'ER the silent meadows,
O'er the sleeping town,
O'er the murmuring forest
Pours a radiance down;
'T is a starry splendor
Glorifying night;
Shepherds, kings, and sages
Wonder at the sight.

See, O kings and shepherds,
Magi from afar,
Cradled in a manger,
Israel's morning star!
And through parted heavens
Lo! the angelic throng
Voice their adoration
In triumphant song.

O'er the silent meadows
Floats the joyful strain, --
O'er the murmuring forest,
List! it comes again:
"Glory in the highest!"
Hark! O sleeping town,
"Peace, good-will," -- the blessing
Still on earth comes down.

Still the starry wonder
Of that long-past night
Gleams adown the ages,
Filling all with light;
And all Nature, joining,
Swells the anthem still:
"Glory in the highest,
On earth, peace, good-will."

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