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First Line: We are curse-laden: even amid our yearnings
Last Line: "they have revealed."
Subject(s): Death; Grief; Solitude; Dead, The; Sorrow; Sadness; Loneliness

We are curse-laden: even amid our yearnings'
loftiest flight
We by burden of earth are vanquished, plunged into our
blood's dim night --
"Ye are potent and deathless; and in your souls where
secrets abound,
Suns and springtides and vintages numberless are found."
In silence of cosmos, in midst of stars, that are flecked
with blood as they wane,
We are cut off in solitude, as by watch-fires of foes
in a chain.
"Armor of heavily-armed is your burden; unto contest ye
Are summoned, that ye therein may set all earth-born
creatures free."
Upon the riven breast of the vanquished we strive
to kneel.
And even when we yearn to love, no love we feel,
no love we feel.
"Hardened are ye like fruit, unripened; but in the blaze
Of a secret summer ye ripen, your breathren's embraces
to praise."
Gladness is sunshine beheld in a dream: on awakening
it is dulled;
Sorrow has thousands of eyes, and never in slumber is
utterly lulled.
"With myriads in secret brotherhood ye are tied
And only in gladness of myriads will gladness of
yours abide."
To floating islands upon a furrow of fragrance we float --
We float and the islands float onward, and keep us
ever remote --
"Blindfold are ye with deceit that your kingly
glances wield:
Islands of radiance that bloom in your souls, before you
they have revealed."

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