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First Line: Mid the squander'd colour
Last Line: On a may morning.
Alternate Author Name(s): Bridges, Robert+(2)
Subject(s): Gardens & Gardening

MID the squander'd colour
idling as I lay
Reading the Odyssey
in my rock-garden
I espied the cluster'd
tufts of Cheddar pinks
Burgeoning with promise
of their scented bloom
All the modish motley
of their bloom to-be
Thrust up in narrow buds
on the slender stalks
Thronging springing urgent
hasting (so I thought)
As if they feared to be
too late for summer—
Like schoolgirls overslept
waken'd by the bell
Leaping from bed to don
their muslin dresses
On a May morning:

Then felt I like to one
indulging in sin
(Whereto Nature is oft
a blind accomplice)
Because my aged bones
so enjoyed the sun
There as I lay along
idling with my thoughts
Reading an old poet
while the busy world
Toil'd moil'd fuss'd and scurried
worried bought and sold
Plotted stole and quarrel'd
fought and God knows what.
I had forgotten Homer
dallying with my thoughts
Till I fell to making
these little verses
Communing with the flowers
in my rock-garden
On a May morning.

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