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THE VOYAGE TO LULLABY LAND, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: When prayers have been offered and good nights
Last Line: Of lullaby land, and the voyage is o'er.

When prayers have been offered and good-nights are said,
And little folks all have been tucked into bed:
When out from the heavens the star babies peep,
And each drowsy infant has fallen asleep,
There comes from the shadow a wee little ship
To carry the dreamers away for a trip
Where the golden waves plash on the silvery strand
Of that beautiful spot called the Lullaby Land.

When all of the babies are safely aboard,
And plenty of sweetmeats and goodies are stored,
The little ship glides through the soft, starlit skies
Toward the Lullaby Land, and the dream paradise,
Where the whippoorwill wings in its nocturnal flight,
And the flickering moonbeams keep watch through the night,
While the bright, jeweled stars cast their radiance down
In beauteous splendor o'er Slumberland Town.

The fare for the passage is naught but a smile
To carry each babe to that far-away isle
Where the houses are all manufactured from cake
And the sugar plum bushes you freely can shake;
There's a lemonade river and other things nice,
And the fruit trees are laden with candy and spice;
While the beach is all sugar instead of plain sand
In that magical spot called the Lullaby Land.

Through bright, fleecy clouds speeds the wee little ship,
While laughter and singing make merry the trip;
O'er the billowy deep, with the outgoing tides,
Now rocking, now swaying, the airy craft glides;
And the breezes blow softly as down through the bay
Of sweet Dreams the little ship saileth away;
And the Lullaby Lady is there in command,
With the Sand Man as pilot from Nodaway Land.

The stars hang their lanterns far up in the sky
To lighten the way as the dream ship goes by;
And soon after darkness the land is in sight
Where the babies will romp through the soft summer night;
The little ship reaches the harbor at last,
The white sails are furled and the anchor is cast,
The harbor bells ring from the shadowy shore
Of Lullaby Land, and the voyage is o'er.

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