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ROMANCE, by                    
First Line: Day after day as I follow the plow
Last Line: When once you have to stay!
Subject(s): Adventure & Adventurers; Love; Romance

Day after day as I follow the plow,
Breaking the Western plain,
Glamorous names of the far and strange
Weave an alluring refrain.

Romance and charm of adventure afar,
Countries that beckon and shine,
Days that dissolve with the sheen of a pearl
Melting in golden wine.

Singapore and Samarkand,
Bagdad, and far Cathay;
Secret gardens in Trebizond,
Schooners in Bengal Bay.

Prairie clear to the sky-rim,
No water, and never a tree.
Yet the whispering fronds of the beckoning palms
Wait by a slumbering sea.

Singing syllables that lure,
Beauty, Romance, Love—
Long ago far other words
Did once their magic prove.

Pahasapa and Dakota,
Slow Missouri's turgid flow,
Red Cloud sitting by his wigwam,
Bear Lodge drifting deep in snow.

Ah! Romance dwells in lilting names
If you are far away;
How soon the place dispells the charm
When once you have to stay!

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