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DELIVERANCE, by                    
First Line: Great and apparent dangers' are the words
Last Line: This is the lesson of this fought-for hour.
Subject(s): Deliberation; Freedom; World War Ii; Liberty; Second World War

"Great and apparent dangers" are the words,
None greater, more apparent, than these past;
The glory of deliverance be the Lord's,
Who gave us strength and made our strength to last.

What have we learnt? Much more than knowledge tells
That merely probes and calculates and spans;
This universe employs its parables
To teach us of God's goodness—yes, and Man's.

For Man on earth was never an accident;
He has that in him which no science weighs—
Faith's airy fire that makes him instrument
Of purest purpose, how so dark his days.

Are there not scales in Heaven? We live not here
Unwatched, untended of Almighty power;
Be Liberty and Justice of good cheer:
This is the lesson of this fought-for hour.

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