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First Line: I know not my religion; do not care
Last Line: My own god of the mountains and the sun.
Subject(s): God; Religion; Theology

I KNOW not my religion; do not care
Whether it be fast bound within the walls of creed,
Or floating free as those white clouds above,
Drifting serene across the untroubled sky.
This I do know:
God lives and breathes through all things.
Smile ye may—wise Doctors of the Law—
Expounders grave of deep philosophy.
When your dark sayings, winding in and out
The narrow corridors of logic's house,
(Stuffy and soul-confining)
Have made one little child lighter-hearted
Eased the weight
That weary shoulders bear across the years,
Or comforted a mother's breaking heart—
I may believe.

But now I go
Into the murky darkness of life's gloom,
Seeking among the shadows for my God,
My Father of the meadows and the sun;
Knowing that where a starving, beaten child
Lies sobbing in the darkness and the cold,
There I shall find Him.

Maybe in the guise
Of some street arab with an evil face
Whose eyes are wistful now, whose clumsy hands
Are God's own healing to a weary child.
I care not. I shall find; and finding know
My own God of the mountains and the sun.

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