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SUBLIME ILLUSION, by            
First Line: I cannot wait until hallucination
Last Line: In beauty wrought, or in the sky, a vision.
Alternate Author Name(s): Malone, John, Mrs.
Subject(s): Beauty; Hallucinations & Illusions; Vision

I cannot wait until hallucination
With soft impasta fix the deadly hues,
The greens equivocal and deceptive blues
Into some rare impervious enamel
Borne on the ancient route from land to land
Together with the amber, silk and musk
From peak to frozen peak in olden dusk
By the forlorn, the slow, eternal camel
Crossing primeval desert's blackened sand.

Cluttered with rich antiquities the soft veiled past
Encroaches ever on the world's confusion,
Though noisy imminence drive away illusion
And cheapen solitude and shatter peace
With daily, shallow, smug reiteration
Where all is deadly real, and since things cease
And other things displace them, truths will last
To serve him who enslaves imagination.

Pastures supernal where the wild myths browse
Who bear no common shape, no childish fate,
No hell nor heaven, no color and no weight,
But float as clouds dissolving through the mind,
Creative with ethereal indecision,
Nothing there where something was, a meadow
Beneath the earth, or breaking from the shadow,
Bearing the seal of art, mature and kind,
In beauty wrought, or in the sky, a vision.

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