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DREAM OF LIFE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: I heard the music of the wave
Last Line: Thus woke his wassail song --
Alternate Author Name(s): Norna; Aikin, Mary Elizath
Subject(s): Waves; Ships & Shipping; Dreams; Nightmares

I HEARD the music of the wave,
As it rippled to the shore;
And saw the willow branches lave,
As light winds swept them o'er;
The music of the golden bow,
That did the torrent span;
But I heard a sweeter music flow
From the youthful heart of man,

The wave rushed on; the hues of heaven
Fainter and fainter grew;
And deeper melodies were given
As swift the changes flew:
Then came a shadow on my sight,
The golden bow was dim:
And he that laugh'd beneath its light,
What was the change to him?

I saw him not; only a throng
Like the swell of troubled ocean,
Rising, sinking, swept along
In the tempest's wild commotion:
Sleeping, dreaming, waking then,
Chains to link or sever;
Turning to the dream again,
Fain to clasp it ever.

There was a rush upon my brain,
A darkness on mine eye;
And when I turn'd to gaze again
The mingled forms were nigh;
In shadowy mass a mighty hall
Rose on the fitful scene;
Flowers, music, gems were flung o'er all,
Not such as once had been.

Then in its mist, far, far away,
A phantom seemed to be;
The something of a gone-by day,
But oh, how changed was he!
He rose beside the festal board,
Where sat the merry throng;
And as the purple juice he pour'd
Thus woke his wassail song --

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