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First Line: This night we meet to say good - bye
Last Line: "I can but say a soft, ""auf wiedersehen."
Subject(s): Farewell; Parting

This night we meet to say good-bye,
In ecstasy of handshake warm and kind
Though heart within is hurt and heaves a sigh,
For friendship is a binding tie we find.

Those golden hours which die as embers low,
To have them back would I give my heart,
To cherish them and brighten up their glow,
But, destiny has said we all must part.

No sterner word has yet been said
Than that which parts good friends
In life; they leave behind when dead
A searing, unsoothed pang that never ends.

Good-bye, a harsh and sharp-toned word we fear,
Lest in its wake we leave behind a friend;
Yet times there are we say adieu in tear,
With knowledge that earthly suffering is at end.

So too we find a gladness is at hand
And by its presence buoys us up to sky;
Our hearts are lightened by thoughts of friendship grand,
To prove our love for them, we all must say good-bye.

My friends, 'tis sad I cannot say good-bye.
This heart of mine will not let me exclaim,
For parting always leaves a tear-dimmed eye.
I can but say a soft, "Auf wiedersehen."

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