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THE ROCK OF LIBERTY; A PILGRIM ODE, 1620-1920: 3. ACHIEVEMENT, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: We have felled the forest and pierced the hill
Last Line: Amen.
Subject(s): Freedom; Patriotism; Pilgrim Fathers; Religion; Success; Liberty; Theology

We have felled the forest and pierced the hill;
We have scoured the prairie and venture still,
Turning the torrent to our behest,
Sons of the Pilgrims, East and West.


We have followed our men to make a home;
Wherever they fared we dared to come,
From the mountain top to the river mouth,
Daughters of Pilgrims, North and South.


We have builded well by the waterside,
We have garnered a harvest far and wide,
Setting our mark from sea to sea,
Heirs of the Pilgrim liberty.


Daughters of men, arise!
Sons of the soil, awake!
What are the hopes ye prize
When Freedom is at stake?
Hark to a warning cry
Out of the sacred dust;
Dare all for Liberty,
Give all to keep the trust!

"Pray God for strength and trust his word, Guarding our treasure with a

Arise, O glorious Land,
And make confusion cease!
The foes of Freedom stand
Across the path of peace.
In loyal might arrayed
Assail the host of shame.
Forward! Unafraid!
In God's Almighty name!

"Give us our peace! Renew our faith, O Lord, to seek it unto death!"

America! Be strong!
Heir of a noble race,
Bear the proud Flag along
Up to the highest place.
The road our fathers made
Is bright as living flame.
Forward! Unafraid!
In God's Almighty name!


O waves that did divide! The time has come
When water shall unite the sundered lands!
Now over sea, under the sea and through,
Shall fare the galleons of brotherhood,
Bearing the freight of liberty and love
From the great Nation, heir of men's desire,
To every corner of the peopled earth.


Lovely is this, the land of our abiding,
From shore to shore across the leagues of freedom,
From North to South in merciful abundance;
Land of our heart, America!

The little school, the farmstead, and the chapel,
Type of the treasure that our fathers cherished,
Followed the feet that tramped beyond the mountains,
Making thy ways, America!

Out of the East came men in mighty millions,
Into the savage corners of the country,
Scattering wide the seed of old tradition,
Germ of thy power, America!

From deep to deep, from gulf to frozen forest,
The mountain and the plain have known their courage,
The harbor and the town have seen their wisdom,
Quickening thee, America!

They chained the Titan, Steam, to be their servant;
They made the thunderbolt to do their bidding,
And gave thee Light to be thy living halo,
Glorious one, America!

The old world turned to thee in time of trouble,
The people held their empty hands for succor;
Thy bread and wine of love went forth to feed them,
Strength of thy strength, America!

Thy Liberty became the hope of nations;
To Victory thy banner crossed the ocean,
Borne by the gallant sons of Pilgrim honor,
Shouting thy name -- "America!"

Yet are we humble, mindful of the fathers.
Not unto us, but unto God the glory,
Who gave them grace, and made us to inherit
Their sacred trust, -- America!


Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

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