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Subject(s): Knitting

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Hark to the needles knitting fast
Of the wee Knitter in the sun.
Over the fairy finger-tips are cast
Gossamer threads by an old witchspider spun
In her den at the heart of a flower
In a moonlit hour.

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The wee small Knitter is all in green,
With thistledown hair,
And petal-shoon on her silver toes
That she swings in the air,
From her perch on a tremulous rose,
Knitting unseen.

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The slender needles of the pine
Flash spicy fragrance as they go,
To and fro,
In the sweet sunshine,
Knitting a secret few can know,
Of magical meshes none may spy
With a mortal eye.

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A fairy laugh rings clear and wild,
As eagerly the needles knit,
Knot by knot and bit by bit,
A purse invisible to hold
Not gold --
But a bit of luck for a human child.

Do you hear, do you hear, O Fortunate One,
The wee small Knitter in the sun?
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