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ONLY A PIN, by            
First Line: Only a pin, let it calmly lay
Last Line: Its seat was not hurt, but the boy was raw.
Subject(s): Pins; Practical Jokes; Pranks

Only a pin, let it calmly lay,
On the carpet floor in the light of day;
And shone serene and clear and bright
Reflecting back the noon-day light.

Only a boy, yet he saw that pin,
And his face assumed a fiendish grin,
He stopped for awhile, with look intent,
Till he and the pin were alike bent.

Only a chair, but upon its seat
A well-bent pin found safe retreat;
Nor could the keenest eye discern
That heavenward its point did turn.

Only a man, but he chanced to drop
Upon that chair; when -- bank! whia! pop!
Like a cork from a bottle of champagne
He bounced right up from that chair again.

Only a yell, but an honest one.
It lacked the remotest idea of fun;
And man and boy, and pin and chair
In close communion mingled there.

Only the pin out of all the four
Alone no trace of damage bore;
The man was mad and dreadfully sore;
He lathered that boy behind and before,

The chair lay smashed upon the floor,
Its seat was not hurt, but the boy was raw.

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