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IN MEMORIAM: J. MACMEIKIN; DIED APRIL 1883, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Excellent manxman, scotia gave you birth
Last Line: Go up to god, and joys unspeakable!
Alternate Author Name(s): Brown, T. E.
Subject(s): Gell, Charles (chalse Y Killey) (d. 1870); Isle Of Man

EXCELLENT Manxman, Scotia gave you birth,
But you were ours, being apt to take the print
Of island forms, the mood, the tone, the tint,
Nor missed the ripples of the larger mirth.
A lovely soul has sought the silent firth;
Yet haply on our shores you still may hint
A delicate presence, though no visible dint
Betrays where you have touched the conscious earth.
You walk with our loved "Chalse"; you help him speak
A gracious tongue, to us not wholly clear,
And sing the "Hymns" -- fond dream that wont to dwell
In his confusion. Friend of all things weak,
Go down to that sweet soil you held so dear!
Go up to God, and joys unspeakable!

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