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LYNTON VERSES: 6. SYMPHONY, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: We saw her die, and she is dead
Last Line: Dove, blackbird, goldfinch, larch!
Alternate Author Name(s): Brown, T. E.
Subject(s): Birds; Death - Children; Jesus Christ; Sisters; Spring; Death - Babies

We saw her die, and she is dead --
Our little sister --
A March wind came and kissed her,
And sighed and fled --
Beyond the hill,
Far in the East we hear him sighing still.
But she is dead,
Our little sister's dead!
Ah, chill! chill! chill!
Ah, see the drooping head!
Our sister's dead --
We know that she is dead.

Andante con moto.
Talitha cumi! O Thou Christ,
Hast kept the tryst?
Laugh not, O maidens! this is He
Of Galilee,
Of Nazareth,
The Christ that conquers Death --
Dost catch a breath,
O Christ? O, Life!
Talitha cumi! See
The tumult as of some sweet strife
Strained tremulous up; up --
"Give her to drink!" He saith --
Yea, Lord, behold, a cup!

O gentle airs of Spring,
Come to the hills and the valleys,
From the South, from the West,
As seems you best,
Rocked in your golden galleys!
Bring the bread, bring the wine,
Bring the smell that's fine,
Bring the scarf and the bright green wimple!
See, she dips! see, she sips! put your oozy lips
To the curve of each nascent dimple --
To her head, to her feet
So warm and sweet
Bring the rain and the sunshine after;
To the ordered limbs
Where the new life swims,
To the kneaded mesh
Of the soft pink flesh,
Bring baths of dew,
Bring skies of blue --
Bring love, and light, and laughter!

Goldfinch underneath the bough
Clinging, swinging,
You are happy now.

Blackbird, as you flit along,
Staying, swaying,
Sing her but one song!

Dove, when twilight wakes unrest,
Yearning, burning,
Lean to her your breast!

O God of Heaven!
These are Thy gifts, to all Thy creatures given --
Love, laughter, light --
Stablish the ancient right,
O God; and bend above them all Thy brooding arch --
Dove, blackbird, goldfinch, larch!

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