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THE ORGANIST IN HEAVEN (SAMUEL SEBASTIAN WESLEY), by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: When wesley died, the angelic orders
Last Line: And moved the balanced stars.
Alternate Author Name(s): Brown, T. E.
Subject(s): Death; Organs (musical Instruments); Wesley, Samuel Sebastian (1810-1876); Dead, The

WHEN Wesley died, the Angelic orders,
To see him at the state,
Pressed so incontinent that the warders
Forgot to shut the gate.
So I, that hitherto had followed
As one with grief o'ercast,
Where for the doors a space was hollowed,
Crept in, and heard what passed.
And God said: -- "Seeing thou hast given
Thy life to my great sounds,
Choose thou through all the cirque of Heaven
What most of bliss redounds."
Then Wesley said: -- "I hear the thunder
Low growling from Thy seat --
Grant me that I may bind it under
The trampling of my feet."
And Wesley said: -- "See, lightning quivers
Upon the presence walls --
Lord, give me of it four great rivers,
To be my manuals."
And then I saw the thunder chidden
As slave to his desire;
And then I saw the space bestridden
With four great bands of fire;
And stage by stage, stop stop subtending,
Each lever strong and true,
One shape inextricable blending,
The awful organ grew.
Then certain angels clad the Master
In very marvellous wise,
Till clouds of rose and alabaster
Concealed him from mine eyes.
And likest to a dove soft brooding,
The innocent figure ran;
So breathed the breath of his preluding,
And then the fugue began --
Began; but, to his office turning,
The porter swung his key;
Wherefore, although my heart was yearning,
I had to go; but he
Played on; and, as I downward clomb,
I heard the mighty bars
Of thunder-gusts, that shook heaven's dome,
And moved the balanced stars.

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