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THE YOUNG RABBI, by            
First Line: Thou lookest backward reverently. 'tis well!
Last Line: Stand forth with him and sing to-day's mismor!
Subject(s): Clergy; Faith; Jews; Priests; Rabbis; Ministers; Bishops; Belief; Creed; Judaism

THOU lookest backward reverently. 'Tis well!
The springs of life and faith are still our shrines,
And, standing strong in living deed, the spell
Of this day's call thy listening heart divines.

The to-morrow's light is on thy brow, the step
Leans forward where the quickening Word abides;
Thy past a pledge that vet that Mystic Roll
A fuller, holier revelation hides.

Young heritor of ancient faith, thou guide
Of present need, and seer of faith to be!
The august centuries converge on thee—
One living God behind, before, beside.

The same Eternal keeps the open door;
Stand forth with Him and sing to-day's Mismor!

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