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BRITANNIA'S PASTORALS: BOOK 1. TO WILLIAM, EARL OF PEMBROKE, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Not that the gift, great lord, deserves your hand
Last Line: W. Browne.
Alternate Author Name(s): Browne, William Of Tavistock
Subject(s): Great Britain; Herbert, William, 3d Earl Of Pembroke

NOT that the gift, great Lord, deserves your hand,
Held ever worth the rarest works of men,
Offer I this; but since in all our land
None can more rightly claim a poet's pen:
That noble blood and virtue truly known,
Which circular in you united run,
Makes you each good, and every good your own,
If it can hold in what my Muse hath done.
But weak and lowly are these tuned lays,
Yet though but weak to win fair Memory,
You may improve them, and your gracing raise;
For things are priz'd as their possessors be.
If for such favour they have worthless striven,
Since love the cause was, be that love forgiven!

Your Honour

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