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THE MEDIATOR, HYMN 2, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: How high thou art! Our songs can own
Last Line: Behold our darkness only there!
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

How high Thou art! our songs can own
No music Thou couldst stoop to hear!
But still the Son's expiring groan
Is vocal in the Father's ear.

How pure Thou art! our hands are dyed
With curses, red with murder's hue --
But HE hath stretched HIS hands to hide
The sins that pierced them from thy view.

How strong Thou art! we tremble lest
The thunders of thine arm be moved --
But HE is lying on thy breast,
And Thou must clasp thy best Beloved!

How kind Thou art! Thou didst not choose
To joy in Him for ever so;
But that embrace Thou wilt not loose
For vengeance, didst for love forego!

High God, and pure, and strong, and kind!
The low, the foul, the feeble, spare!
Thy brightness in his face we find --
Behold our darkness only there!

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