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VICTORIA'S TEARS, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: O maiden! Heir of kings!
Last Line: To wear that heavenly crown!
Subject(s): Victoria, Queen Of England (1819-1901)

'O MAIDEN! heir of kings!
A king has left his place!
The majesty of Death has swept
All other from his face!
And thou upon thy mother's breast
No longer lean adown,
But take the glory for the rest,
And rule the land that loves thee best!'
She heard, and wept --
She wept, to wear a crown!

They decked her courtly halls;
They reined her hundred steeds;
They shouted at her palace gate,
'A noble Queen succeeds!'
Her name has stirred the mountain's sleep
Her praise has filled the town!
And mourners God had stricken deep,
Looked hearkening up, and did not weep.
Alone she wept,
Who wept, to wear a crown!

She saw no purples shine,
For tears had dimmed her eyes;
She only knew her childhood's flowers
Were happier pageantries!
And while her heralds played the part,
For million shouts to drown --
'God save the Queen' from hill to mart, --
She heard through all her beating heart,
And turned and wept --
She wept, to wear a crown!

God save thee, weeping Queen!
Thou shalt be well beloved!
The tyrant's sceptre cannot move,
As those pure tears have moved!
The nature in thine eyes we see,
That tyrants cannot own --
The love that guardeth liberties!
Strange blessing on the nation lies,
Whose Sovereign wept --
Yea! wept, to wear its crown!

God bless thee, weeping Queen,
With blessing more divine!
And fill with happier love than earth's
That tender heart of thine!
That when the thrones of earth shall be
As low as graves brought down,
A pierced Hand may give to thee
The crown which angels shout to see!
Thou wilt not weep,
To wear that heavenly crown!

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