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FIRST NIGHT, by            
First Line: Dear god, he's such a little fellow
Last Line: Please, god -- it's his first night.
Subject(s): Love; Mourning; Bereavement

Dear God, he's such a little fellow,
With tangled, golden hair;
And, God, tonight's his first --
Alone, away up there.

So won't you leave a little light,
Perhaps a wee, small star,
Close to his bed? -- (so he won't be afraid)
Please, God, don't hang it far.

And then, another thing, dear God,
Is it too much to ask this:
When the mother angel puts him to bed,
Will she tuck him in with a kiss?

And if he wakens in the night
And whimpers for a song,
Is there a "lullaby" angel
Among the heavenly throng?

Or if he frets and asks for me,
Dear God, just hold his hand
And pat his cheek -- just for tonight --
He's really a brave little man.

But, God, he is so little,
And I always held him tight --
So won't you do these things for him?
Please, God -- it's his first night.

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