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THE THUD OF THE CLODS, by            
First Line: It was a most solemn occasion
Last Line: For, today, mother was put away.
Subject(s): Clouds; Funerals; Graves; Mothers; Burials; Tombs; Tombstones

It was a most solemn occasion --
We stood on the brink of a newly-made grave, --
Friends had gathered from near and afar --
The children were all there --
With their children's children, --
The preacher was ill -- three came in his stead --
The choir sang softly and tenderly --
The touch of the pallbearers was so gentle --
Their tread so light -- their manners so reverent.

The flowers were -- oh so beautiful --
The space round about -- was filled with their fragrance, --
The white ones attested to her purity --
The green fernery -- to her memory ever kept --
The number of offerings -- to her esteem --
And when all together -- a blanket of love --
Akin to that something --
That is like Heaven above.

The preachers eulogized --
The soul that had gone out to God --
And quoted God's words -- one after another --
To lessen the pain, suffering, and sorrow, --
They said that care had all passed away --
That she would sleep, until He returned --
He had gone to prepare a place --
For in God's house are many mansions, --
We all felt comforted.

But when the gaping grave --
Swallowed up that withered form --
And the clods fell in with a thud! --
The poignancy of that hour --
Could hardly be appeased, --
Though the preacher read and read --
From God's Holy Book -- His choicest words, --
The occasion was the saddest of all --
For, today, Mother was put away.

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