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THE MONK AND THE PEASANT, by            
First Line: A peasant once unthinkingly
Last Line: Had blown them all away.

A peasant once unthinkingly
Spread tales about a friend.
But later found the rumors false
And hoped to make amend.

He sought the counsel of a monk,
A man esteemed and wise,
Who heard the peasant's story through
And felt he must advise.

The kind monk said: "If you would have
A mind again at peace,
I have a plan whereby you may
From trouble find release.

"Go fill a bag with chicken down
And to each dooryard go
And lay one fluffy feather where
The streams of gossip flow."

The peasant did as he was told
And to the monk returned,
Elated that his penance was
A thing so quickly earned.

"Not yet," the old monk sternly said,
"Take up your bag once more
And gather up the feathers that
You placed at every door."

The peasant, eager to atone,
Went hastening to obey,
No feathers met his sight, the wind
Had blown them all away.

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