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WINDS ARE THE WATCHMEN, by                    
First Line: Winds are the watchmen of the broad sky - way
Last Line: They are wise watchmen.
Subject(s): Clouds; Sky; Wind

Winds are the watchmen of the broad Sky-way,
They point passing clouds this way and that.
They are gentle when old gray clouds move slowly,
Trailing long faded skirts,
But they are swift to follow, whistling shrilly,
When bold clouds speed from the northern hill.
They give right of way to the serene sun
And let storm clouds grumble when held back.
They brush lightly aside all tattered cloud vagrants
Gathered at the gate of the Moon Mansion,
And the Lady Moon rides undisturbed up the Sky-way,
Radiant leader of the great Star Parade.
No cloud disobeys the winds,
They are wise watchmen.

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