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DRESS YOUR SOUL, by                    
First Line: Each man is but a shell
Last Line: Or perish like the foredoomed shell.
Subject(s): Soul; Vanity

Each man is but a shell
Wherein a soul doth dwell.

Now some in worldly vanity
Adorn the shell in brilliancy;
Forget with equanimity
The soul's potentiality.

But others much more wise decide
To dress the shell with justly grace,
Though never trying to efface
The worth of that inside.

There is another still
Who, of all the three,
Has the better will.

He teaches all a lesson.
How? I will extol.
He pays much more attention
To dressing up the soul.

This by kindly word and act;
By tolerance and tact;
By admitting charity
For all humanity.

He knows the shell's foredoomed
To sure decay entombed.
He knows each soul must walk in night,
Must last until the morning light,

To gain eternally
God given permanency.
Each soul must then be clothed well
Or perish like the foredoomed shell.

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