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TRUST YOU MUST, by                    
First Line: A learned man was asked one day
Last Line: "god has granted all equal share."
Subject(s): Faith; Trust; Belief; Creed

A learned man was asked one day,
"Of what is greatness made,
What makes a winner in a fray,
What helps the genius climb the grade?"

Answered the man; a sage,
"This simple question that you ask
Gives me truly no great task.
In face I thought it widely known
A mighty oak from clod is grown.
Amazing? Think not so.
The clod is God, strange would it be,
If mighty did not grow that tree."

Unsatisfied the seeker said,
"I do believe all you relate,
But tell me if you can, why men,
As wise, too from the sod of God,
Nothing achieve; are only made,
But grub-worms of that self-same clod?"

"My friend,"
Said the sage convincingly,
"Think not this world the end,
I would you understand
That those who now receive full share
Simply get less at the meeting out there.
Unending time finds fate played fair
God has granted all equal share."

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