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First Line: The shining splendour of your eyes I bless
Last Line: Because outside its gateway I am cold!
Alternate Author Name(s): Brusov, Valery Yakovlevich

THE shining splendour of your eyes I bless!
It shone on the delirium that was mine.

The smile that lingers on your lips I bless!
For it has made me drunken as with wine.

The poison hidden in your kiss I bless!
Its venom drove my dreams and thoughts astray.

The sickle that is your embrace I bless!
It cut down all past things that in me lay.

The conflagration of your love I bless!
A pyre I kindled for it joyfully.

The darkness that is in your soul I bless!
It spread with mantling pinions over me.

For everything, for everything I bless!
For grief and ache and dread thro' days untold,

Because you drew me on to Paradise,
Because outside its gateway I am cold!

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