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IN THE FOREST, by            
First Line: The sky had lost its glorious light
Last Line: That whistled through our floating hair.

THE sky had lost its glorious light,
Yet was my heart so full of day,
I could with Love's exceeding ray
Illuminate a boundlcss night.

She walked before me as she dreamed,
And when the night less dark was grown,
My shadow mingled with her own,
While to the wind her tresses streamed.

My well-beloved, she led the way,
And I had wished the road was found
To stretch the whole wide world around
Without a bar our steps to stay.

And we two uttered ne'er a word.
In such delightful guise as this,
For an eternity of bliss
Our footfalls we had gladly heard.

Giddy, as if intoxicate
With love, I nothing dared to say;
My dream, about to fly away,
Fluttered its wings in frenzied state.

We were two lovers, young and fair,
Who wandered through that happy night,
All careless of the wind's wild flight,
That whistled through our floating hair.

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