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KENTUCKY BABE, by            
First Line: Skeeters am a-hummin' on de honeysuckle vine
Last Line: Close yo' eyes in sleep.

'SKEETERS am a hummin' on de honeysuckle vine, --
Sleep, Kentucky Babe!
Sandman am a comin' to dis little coon of mine, --
Sleep, Kentucky Babe!
Silv'ry moon am shinin' in de heabens up above,
Bobolink am pinin' fo' his little lady love:
Yo' is mighty lucky,
Babe of old Kentucky, --
Close yo' eyes in sleep.

Fly away,
Fly away, Kentucky Babe, fly away to rest,
Fly away,
Lay yo' kinky, woolly head on yo' mammy's breast, --
Close yo' eyes in sleep.

Daddy's in de cane-brake wid his little dog and gun, --
Sleep, Kentucky Babe!
'Possum fo' yo' breakfast when yo' sleepin' time is done, --
Sleep, Kentucky Babe!
Bogie man'll catch yo' sure unless yo' close yo' eyes,
Waitin' jes outside de doo' to take yo' by surprise:
Bes' be keepin' shady,
Little colored lady, --
Close yo' eyes in sleep.

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