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A FACTORY GIRL, by            
First Line: Only a factory girl
Last Line: She hopes for a better day.
Subject(s): Mothers

ONLY a factory girl,
And she works in the noisy mill,
But her hands are deft, and her arms are strong,
And she sings at her work the whole day long,
And she works with a right good will;
For mother at home is growing old,
And mother's house is poor and cold,
And the wintry winds are chill;
And she longs for the day to quickly come
When mother may have a better home,
And so she toils in the mill.

Only a factory girl,
Her mother's hope and stay,
But her love is strong for every one,
Like the glowing beams of the morning sun
As he ushers in the day.
Her flowers she gives to the sick and poor,
And she always keeps an open door
For all who come that way.
And for all who live by constant toil,
In mill or mine or on the soil,
She hopes for a better day.

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