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THEIR WEDDING JOURNEY - 1834, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Dear mother, / when the coach rolled off
Last Line: "please write, ""I know."
Subject(s): Marriage; New York City - 19th Century; Travel; Weddings; Husbands; Wives; Journeys; Trips

When the Coach rolled off
From dear old Battery Place
I hid my face within my hands—
That is, I hid my face.
Tom says (he's leaning over me!)
T'was on his shoulder, too;
But, oh, I pray you will believe
I wept to part from You.

And when we rattled up Broadway
I wept to leave the Scene
Familiar to my happy Youth
(I did love Bowling Green).
I wept at Slidell's Chandlery
To see the smoak arise—
'Twas only at the City Hall
Tom bade me wipe my Eyes.

By Mr. Niblo's Garden, where
You would not let me go,
We went, and travell'd up the Hill—
So fast, and yet so slow!
And so we left behind the Town
And ere the Sun had set
We reached the Inn at Tubby Hook—
We have not left it yet!

I know that we are very Wrong—
Dear Mother, pray forgive!
From Sun to Sun 'tis all so sweet—
It seems so sweet to Live!
I know the things we meant to do,
The road we vowed to go,
But Tom and I are here, and—oh,
Dear Mother, do you know?

We have not gone to Uncle John's,
Though Yonkers is so near—
We never shall see Cousin Van
At Tarrytown, I fear.
Our Peekskill friends, the Fishkill folk,
And all the waiting rest—
Tom bids me tell you they may wait—
(He says they may be Blest).

I know 'tis ill to linger here
Hid in this woodland Inn,
When all along Queen Anne's broad road
Await our Friends and Kin;
But, Dear Mama (when I was small
You let me call you so),
'T is such Felicity and Joy
With Him, Here! Do you know?

P. S.—Tom sends his love.
Please write, "I know."

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