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EVENING, by                
First Line: It is evening time, and don juan pacheco
Last Line: And now over all gleams the bright evening star.
Subject(s): Chicanos; Evening; Mexican Americans; Sunset; Twilight

It is evening time, and Don Juan Pacheco
Is home at last from Arroyo Seco.
His burro, dozing, points an ample ear
As the hum of an automobile draws near;
An eastern tourist in a fancy car
Stops in the road to inquire how far.
Juan rolls a smoke, then points the way,
Says, "Sixty miles -- maybe -- to Santa Fe."
A madonna-like face crowned with jet-black hair
Is framed for a moment in the window there.
A song floats out on the peaceful vale:
Rosita is singing to baby Miguel.
The ranchita casa, with walls quite thick,
Is built of adobe, the sun-dried brick.
Tall hollyhocks stand like Franciscan friars;
Smoke curls like incense from cedar fires.
As a holy chant in this sun-baked land
Is heard the splash of the Little Rio Grande.
An old cottonwood tree casts its shadows far,
And now over all gleams the bright evening star.

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