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First Line: Here's to the cause, and the blood that feeds it!
Last Line: Worthy who did what we could!
Alternate Author Name(s): Burgess, Gelett
Subject(s): Holidays; New Year

HERE'S to the Cause, and the blood that feeds it!
Here's to the Cause, and the soul that speeds it!
Coward or Hero, or Bigot or Sage,
All shall take part in the war that we wage;
And though 'neath our banners range contrary manners, shall we pick, shall we
choose 'twixt the false and the true?
Not for us to deny them, let the Cause take and try them—the one man for us
is the man who can do!

Here's to the Cause, let who will get the Glory!
Here's to the Cause, and a fig for the story!
The braggarts may tell it who serve but for fame;
There'll be more than enough that will die for the Name!
And though in some eddy our vessels unsteady be stranded and wrecked ere the
victory's won,
Let the current sweep by us. O Death, come and try us! What if laggards win
praise, if the Cause shall go on?

Here's to the Cause, and the years that have passed!
Here's to the Cause—it will triumph at last!
The end shall illumine the hearts that have braved
All the years and the fears that the Cause might be saved.
And though what we hoped for, and darkly have groped for, come not in the manner
we prayed that it should,
We shall gladly confess it, and the Cause, may God bless it! shall find us all
worthy who did what we could!

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