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NORTHWARD FLIGHT AT DAWN, by                    
First Line: Now, fly the sturdy squadrons of the sky
Last Line: Which follow spring across the purple sky.
Subject(s): Sky

Now, fly the sturdy squadrons of the sky,
Impelled by some primeval urge to wing
Aloft, while wastelands brood in reverie
And farms' neat squares of land lie slumbering.
Above mute villages where one lone light
Glows like an earth-bound star before the dawn,
High over cities hushed in muffling night,
The gallant wayfarers adventure on.

Their deep toned calls arouse the race of men
As lusty prophecy of nascent earth.
Long-stifled dreams revive, hope breathes again,
Forgotten aspirations have rebirth:
Man feels new faith, when those strong wings beat by,
Which follow Spring across the purple sky.

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