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First Line: Scarce had they brought the bodies down
Last Line: To lock his doors again.
Subject(s): Child Labor; New York City; Social Protest; Manhattan; New York, New York; The Big Apple

Scarce had they brought the bodies down
Across the withered floor
Than Max Rogosky thundered at
The District Leader's door.

Scarce had the white-lipped mothers come
To search the fearful noon
Than little Max stood shivering
In Tom McTodd's saloon.

In Tom McTodd's saloon he stood,
Beside the silver bar,
Where any honest lad may stand
And sell his vote at par.

"Ten years I've paid the System's tax."
(The words fell quivering, raw),
"And now I want the thing I bought—
Protection from the law."

The Leader smiled a crooked smile.
"Your doors were locked," he said.
"You've overstepped the limit, Max—
A hundred women ... dead!"

Then Max Rogosky gripped the bar,
And shivered where he stood.
"You listen now to me," he cried,
"Like business fellers should.

"I've paid for all my hundred dead,
I've paid, I've paid, I've paid ..."
His ragged laughter rang, and died—
For he was sore afraid.

"I've paid for wooden hall and stair,
I've paid to strain my floors,
I've paid for rotten fire-escapes,
For all my bolted doors.

"Your fat inspectors came and came,
I crossed their hands with gold,
And now I want the thing I bought,
The thing the System sold."

The District Leader filled a glass
With whisky from the bar;
(The little silver counter where
He bought men's souls at par.)

And well he knew that he must give
The thing that he had sold.
Else men should doubt the System's word,
Keep back the System's gold.

The whisky burned beneath his tongue:
"A hundred women—dead!
I guess the Boss can fix it up;
Go home—and hide," he said.

All day they brought the bodies down
From Max Rogosky's place.
And, oh, the fearful touch of flame
On hand and breast and face!

All day the white-lipped mothers came
To search the sheeted dead,
And Horror strode the blackened walls
Where Death had walked in red.

But Max Rogosky did not weep
(He knew that tears were vain);
He paid the System's price, and lived
To lock his doors again.

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