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I HAVE COME REMEMBERING, by                    
First Line: These are the paths we loved
Last Line: Have you come back tonight—remembering?
Subject(s): Hearts; Love; Memory; Romance; Sanctuaries

These are the paths we loved—
These the shadows stretching lazily
In the sun's last light.
And these the scented hours
Of dusk, when you and I
So often walked beneath the pines
To hear the cardinal's heart call
To his shy mate watching from her sanctuary.

Here I have come remembering,
Tonight, where we stood
That day you wove a garland
Of crane's bill and elder flower
For my hair.
Your voice was gentle and your words
Were low as you put the wreath
Upon my head and tangled your fingers
In my wind-brushed curls.
So strangely sweet your voice—
Timid—half-afraid—that my shy laughter
And my unbelief drove back
Your words into the secret places
Of your heart.

The years have passed.
Tonight the birds have come to drink
Beside this maple bordered stream.—
These are the paths we loved—
The pines—the wind—the hour—
I wonder—
Have you come back tonight—Remembering?

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