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A SPRING SYMPHONY, by                
First Line: The touch of the springtime has broken the ice of the pond
Last Line: Ere the dream is done
Subject(s): Spring; Symphonies; Concerts

Allegro con Moto
The touch of the springtime has broken the ice of the pond --
It laughs and it sighs
The trees of the bank and the clouds that go sailing beyond
See themselves in its eyes.
A shimmer of topaz by day and of silver by night
It trembles for joy at the touch of the wind and the light.
Birds dip their wings there and ripples to melody start.
Is it the springtime -- or you -- whose imperious wand
Has broken the ice of my heart?

Andante Appassionato

Through the dark you sought and found me
There is no word for us to speak --
Only your arms that close around me,
Only your cheek against my cheek,
Slowly toward each other turning
Sure as the skies turn. Look, there slips
A star from heaven -- and now 'tis burning
Here, love . . . upon our lips.

Scherzo -- Finale, Presto

Love me for a lifetime, love me for a day,
Little do I care.
Light across the meadows laughing comes the May,
Spring is in the air.
Little lambs like daisies dot the fields with white,
The silliest sheep that grazes feels the world's delight.
We are two white butterflies on the wind astray,
Flying -- who knows where?
Skies are blue above us, earth is green below,
Golden is the sun --
Golden as the cowslips where in merry flow
Little rivers run --
Golden as the beating of wild wings agleam,
Golden as our meeting, golden as our dream --
Wild lover, child lover, kiss me now and go,
Ere the dream is done

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