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AMORINO, by            
First Line: Was it a mere caprice of mateless passion?
Last Line: His little share of immortality.
Subject(s): Love Nature Of

WAS it a mere caprice of mateless passion?
So kind a memory that could never claim;
Our little love, in quaintly childish fashion,
Was not unworthy of the nobler name.
Not the high god who touches the hereafter,
Bearing within his bosom life and death,
But a slim stripling Eros, winged with laughter,
Globing bright bubble-moments with warm breath.

BEFORE the august gaze of mighty blisses
That since have stooped to glorify our clay,
All unabashed, he juggles our past kisses,
And with a smile we watch him at his play.
He never masked in majesty forbidden,
Nor filched the due of greater gods than he;
Wherefore he keeps, in gentle mirth unchidden,
His little share of immortality.

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