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GYPSY-HEART, by            
First Line: My grandsire was a vagabond
Last Line: A wanderer to the last.
Subject(s): Freedom; Wandering & Wanderers; Liberty; Wanderlust; Vagabonds; Tramps; Hoboes

MY grandsire was a vagabond
Who made the Road his bride.
He left his son a wanderer's heart
And little enough beside;
And all his life my father heard
The fluting of a hidden bird
That lured him on from hedge to hedge
To walk the world so wide.

AND now he walks the worlds beyond
And drifts on hidden seas
Undesecrated by a chart --
Blithe derelict at ease.
And sometimes when I halt at night,
In answer to my campfire's light
His own uplifts a glowing wedge
Among the Pleiades.

WOMEN are fair but all too fond;
Home holds a man too fast.
I'll choose for mine a freeman's part
And sing as I go past.
No lighted windows beckon me,
The open sky my canopy.
I'll camp upon Creation's edge,
A wanderer to the last.

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